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🌈 Jooj • 24 • They/Them • ENFJ-A • ADHD • Aro/Ace ✨

Greetings to you and welcome!
Name's Jooj! I'm an artist from Belgium (CET timezone) and french is my first language! I love to draw a whole lot and rambling about my favorite characters from all of the fandoms I'm in! I particuraly love goofy and villain characters so expect to see that A LOT from me! :-)

Favorite characters:

One meme that describes me:

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Other interests include:Writing, reading, retro, classical music, opera, cute stuff and sleeping on the couch.

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Chickpea is very a energetic beanish living in Beanbean Kingdom. They always visit Starbeans Cafe to relax and draw. They're not a fan of coffee, so they drink hot chocolate instead. A really big fan of Fawful and Jolligig and do not hesitate to draw them when they can do it.

Icecream the elf (Icy, for short)! They work for Santa Claus. They are very attentive to who are naughty or not and always have a notebook about it to take notes. They like to spend times with their friends and especially Deadly Dangly Deever. They think he is quite funny for an "evil" puppet.

Their name is Jo! They like to draw and spend time with their friends. They don't hesitate to listen and help others, if needed. Occasionally, they visit Sideshow Bob at his lighthouse, mostly to take a selfie and ask for an autograph from him. They're a big fan.

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Art trades + comms:Art trades with my friends only! I don't do commissions at the moment. (I also do not take requests)

Can you use my art?:It's fine to use my art as your icon, as long as you credit me. Don't repost it, please!

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